The Need for Home Sports

    home sports playing basketball hoopsFor me, home sports is not necessarily a new idea.  As a boy we played war games around the corrals, sheds, and hay stacks of our farm in Oregon. We fought the German and Japanese war machines with great courage and athleticism, running, diving and rolling from one cover to another. We were always victorious.

    Sometimes we played “Ally, Ally Over” where we would throw the ball over the house and try to guess which way the receiving player would come around the side of the house towards us. The odds were 50/50 we would guess right and get to do the call and toss the ball again.

    We played baseball and football in the pasture below the house. One can imagine what “dried material” we used as bases. The venue definitely helped improve footwork and agility as players attempted to avoid stepping in this”material” that was not so dry and avoid running into the Russian Thistles. Those were the days of real Home Sports!

    4 Reasons For The Need Of Home Sports

    1.  Today, more and more organized sports leagues of every kind are luring, even the youngest, away from home. Our HomeSports mission is not to compete with this trend, but to offer tools to parents that will give them a positive role in these activities.

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