Game Plan


    Homesports is committed to families, to empowering parents, especially fathers to LEAVE A LEGACY through sports. We have partnered with athletic skill development, nutrition, and mental toughness experts to bring home the best of athlete performance training by developing the new HOMESPORTS GAMEPLAN. It is a total performance program for athletes and parents to do together right in your own home.


    • LIMITED TIME OFFERA FREE GamePlan Speed and Agility Workout Kit ($120 value).
      Which includes a 15 foot SKLZ quick ladder (snaps in half to create two smaller ladders), three PENN Coach tennis balls, two SKLZ resistance bands, two SKLZ weighted speed ropes, and a 28 oz Blender Bottle. All inside a sling bag. (Items also sold separately)
    • LIMITED TIME OFFER – FREE Lifetime Membership – no annual renewal fees.
    • A daily game plan of workouts, coaching, and nutrition for the home.
    • Full access to our suite of exercise & instructional videos.
      Including: Speed and Agility, Sports Nutrition, and Sports Psychology Training. This includes a menu builder and meal plan.
    • A Digital Scorecard to measure you and your child’s weekly performance. Measuring together is key!
    • A Daily HomeSports Journal to track your progress as well as keeping record of some of life’s most important events.
      This tool allows you to upload photos which are recorded and saved in your journal.
    • Admission to Compete in Game Day Events with members/teams in our HomeSports community for HomeSports rewards and prizes.
      Winners will be entered in to a HomeSports Leader Board.
    • Coming Soon: Exclusive sport specific training and products delivered daily, weekly, and monthly to your inbox.
    • All of this will also be available through a HomeSports mobile app.
    • 5-10% Discount on all HomeSports Products.

    Athletic Performance

    Athletic speed and agility performance training with Dave Stroshine.

    The HomeSports Game Plan includes a  library of agility, speed, and athletic performance workouts that require only 15-20 minutes each to complete.

    This is a structured program utilizing the finest functional training methods that help families achieve their athletic goals. These functional training methods include: Dynamic flexibility movements, speed ladder drills, squats, jumps, sprinting, and reaction training.

    Each workout concludes with a measured or timed competitive portion that requires maximum effort. These workouts will be scored at the conclusion of each session.

    The idea of a Father and Son rising in the morning to work, sweat, and compete together is a powerful and lasting principle. Today, time seems increasingly more precious… Don’t let another day go by without your HomeSports Game Plan.

    Fuel Performance

    Sports nutrition and fueling for performance with Dan Wilcox

    The simple truth is that good health and nutrition are almost completely missing in youth sports. The scariest thing is that there are literally millions of “new and great ideas” claiming to be the magic bullet to achieving you and your kids dreams. What’s worse is that your families will pay the price, both financially and physiologically, for all the lies and clever marketing.

    HomeSports has worked hard to bring you the needed nutrition for your home. You wouldn’t buy a high performance vehicle and then put low octane fuel in it. Nor should we expect ourselves and our children to enjoy a high athletic performance lifestyle with poor nutrition.

    Get started now with the HomeSports Game Plan and enjoy the library of nutrition videos, meal plans, and menu builder designed for your families.

    Mental Performance

    Potention + Training – Interference = High Performance with Craig Manning.

    HomeSports has compiled a library of video training with a journal application to enhance your athletic mental toughness. Every Home needs to be equipped with the correct tools to empower our children to overcome fear and anxiety as they compete. Here are some important aspects:

    Potential + Training – Interference = High Performance

    • Potential: We all have great potential, for something. The trick is, how do we maximize our potential?
    • Training: Practice does not make  perfect, PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT. So, it is important that we learn how to practice correctly.
    • Interference: Anything that undermines our potential and distracts us from the end result, no matter how talented we are.
    • High Performance: Expert level execution or accomplishment of our desired results.

    Positive vs. Negative

    Behavioral researchers have found that as much as 77% of everything we think is negative or counter productive. They have also found that in an average American home, from the time we are born to the age of 18, we would have been told what not to do more than 148,000 times!

    Game Plan emphasizes using the 3 to 1 ratio to build confidence and train positive thinking with parental reinforcement.

    Measure Performance

    Scorecards, goal-setting, journaling, mobile apps, and photo/video uploading

    The HomeSports Game Plan utilizes and emphasizes the importance of goal setting and creating weekly objectives. The scorecard and journal system measure and track your performance. All successful athletes, people, families, and organizations set attainable, yet difficult goals. With these objectives, they then set a course and work vigorously to achieve them.

    At the conclusion of each workout you will give maximum effort through three competitive exercises. These exercises are to be scored each time and will be logged for your review. As you repeat these exercises, you will see your results improve. Enjoy the use of a very simple, easy to use, meal plan designed for your home of young athletes and parents. This meal plan comes with a healthy menu builder that will allow you to create all meals of the day and week for yourself and children.

    Follow our nutrition “Non-Negotiables” of eating, sleeping, and drinking fluids. Also, you will assess your daily progress as you work through the 3 to 1 Mindset ratio for building confidence and high performance.

    Follow our nutrition “Non-Negotiables” of eating, sleeping, and drinking fluids. Also, you will assess your daily progress as you work through the 3 to 1 Mindset ratio for building confidence and high performance.

    Coming Soon: By engaging with this tool and measuring your performance, you will receive HomeSports Points. These HomeSports Points can then be used to discount pricing on products in the store.